OFFICIAL: Duawn “Nobody’s Safe” Cover

nscover copy2

Say hello to some DieboltDesigns client work. I’ve been talking to Duawn for a couple months now. He’s talented guy from right here in Charlotte, NC and he’s releasing his first mixtape soon! I have a good feeling that he’ll create some buzz around here in the future.

I was proud to create the cover for Duawn’s tape. As for the cover itself, I honestly have to say it’s one of my favorites that I’ve ever done. Obviously based on the name “Nobody’s Safe” you can infer that someones out to get everyone. That person who’s out to get you? Yeah, it’s Duawn. Who’s everyone? Any rapper you can possibly name. Doesn’t matter if they are a legend of the past or superstar of the present…there’s no reason to NOT aim for those who are at the top.

The cover’s background features a zombie baseball player holding a bat, while in the foreground are 3 “baseball cards” featuring the Past, Present and Future.

Follow Duawn on Twitter at: @R9A3P

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


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