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Tyler The Creator “Domo 23” & “Bimmer” Covers



Tyler The Creator released his new single this week titled “Domo 23” this week along with the music video for the song(watch it below!). At the end of the video he added a snippet for a second new song titled “Bimmer”. Both songs offer a new sound for the Odd Future rapper and personally I enjoy these 2 songs alot more than any of his past offerings. Tyler’s 2nd album “Wolf” is coming soon.

On the “Domo 23” cover I used a screenshot of Tyler from the music video. The font is positioned like the name and number on a jersey. For “Bimmer” I obviously featured a vintage BMW along with a similar font setup to the Domo 23 cover.

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Marina & the Diamonds “E.V.O.L” Cover

EVOL copy


Yesterday Marina & The Diamonds released a new song called “E.V.O.L” and it’s been on repeat ever since. Recently I’ve become a fan of Marina…she’s really good and her art direction is awesome. I like who she seems to be. Her music is also very good.

Is love really evil or is it the people for make it evil? Marina made her case on this track. She says “It only takes 2 people to fuck love up and make it evil”. I tried using that quote to make the cover. I show 2 people in the form of devils on the left and right side. They’re reaching for the heart thus creating it into a monster.

Download “E.V.O.L” HERE

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OFFICIAL: Duawn “Nobody’s Safe” Cover

nscover copy2

Say hello to some DieboltDesigns client work. I’ve been talking to Duawn for a couple months now. He’s talented guy from right here in Charlotte, NC and he’s releasing his first mixtape soon! I have a good feeling that he’ll create some buzz around here in the future.

I was proud to create the cover for Duawn’s tape. As for the cover itself, I honestly have to say it’s one of my favorites that I’ve ever done. Obviously based on the name “Nobody’s Safe” you can infer that someones out to get everyone. That person who’s out to get you? Yeah, it’s Duawn. Who’s everyone? Any rapper you can possibly name. Doesn’t matter if they are a legend of the past or superstar of the present…there’s no reason to NOT aim for those who are at the top.

The cover’s background features a zombie baseball player holding a bat, while in the foreground are 3 “baseball cards” featuring the Past, Present and Future.

Follow Duawn on Twitter at: @R9A3P

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Drake “Started From The Bottom” Cover (#2)


Well I swear this started as just a personal project. I’ve been into hand drawn stuff lately and wanted to do a poster. I decided to mess around and try to come up with something based on the picture Drake posted on the October’s Very Own blog for “Started From The Bottom”…and then I just naturally came up with a cover a couple hours later. This obviously isn’t my normal style but it’s definitely a direction I’m headed in. I figure since Drake is trying something different with his single I might as well try something different with my artwork.

Yes I could’ve used the same font seen on the billboard in the picture, but I didn’t. This is a representation of the picture. Not meant to be perfect.


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