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Lil Wayne “Bitches Love Me” Cover

BLM copy

Unexpectedly…Weezy dropped his new single off I Am Not A Human Being 2! This is complete fire and a hit in the making. As always, I got a cover for you. Check out what’s in the fanny pack….he’s always prepared I guess! I mean if the bitches love him…

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Client Work: Jason Cash “Cold Cash” and Medic “Grayscale 2” Covers

CashFinal copy grayscale2 FINAL


It’s always a pleasure to make someone’s vision become reality. I really try to capture what my clients are looking for and meet all their needs. A cover for an EP, mixtape or album is the first thing people see regarding an artists projects. Often people will see a cover before hearing any music. Cover’s are essential and help shape a project.

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“Society’s Contradiction” Poster



I’ve had this idea since the theater shooting in Aurora earlier this year. After the terrible shooting very recently at Sandy Hook Elementary School I decided I really needed to follow through with my idea. The idea behind the poster is that as the people of the world we preach the idea of “peace” and yet we fight over everything. It’s not JUST guns. We turn small problems into huge problems quite quickly. Something has to change. I don’t know how…but it needs to.

God bless those affected by the Sandy Hook and Aurora shootings. Merry Christmas.

Justin Bieber Believe (Acoustic) Cover

acousticcover copy


Bieber tha gawd is putting out this 8 track acoustic album featuring songs from Believe, next month. I’m pretty excited. His live acoustic music is quite good live and songs like As Long As You Love Me sound better acoustic in my opinion.

Any way regarding the cover…I wanted to give a more mature feel to it. I’m not a fan of his official artwork and I think my version might be a step up. I may do a full packaging concept for this depending on whether people are feeling this or not. Stay tuned for that.

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Cory Jreamz “Vague Current Vivid Fated” Hardcopy by DieboltDesigns

IMG_7856 IMG_7860

I designed this front/back cover for my man Cory Jreamz and his new EP a while back. Recently I received the hard copy and I had to share it with the world. Looks great.

I highly recommend checking out VCVF on