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Lil Wayne “I Am Not A Human Being II” Packaging Concept (#3)

Honestly, I was bored. This was the result. That is all.
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OFFICIAL: Ervin Mitchell “I’m On” & Schoolboyz Entertainment Logo


DieboltDesigns is proud to present the official artwork for Ervin Mitchell’s new single “I’m On” featuring Young Ran$om and A.T. in addition to the official logo for Schoolboyz Entertainment! Below, check out the Schoolboyz logo and links to Youtube, Bandcamp and etc for Ervin and Schoolboyz Ent!


Nicki Minaj “The Re Up” Cover

I’ve worked on this cover for the last couple days on and off. I wanted to capture the same feel as the ‘Roman Reloaded’ cover but still have a fresh new feel at the same time. I looked back at some old 1980’s era covers and that had a bit of influence. About the album itself, the new songs sound pretty dope. Nicki needs to stick with that style, her flow is sick.

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House Of Balloons/Thursday/Echoes of Silence Covers

Let me just say, I’ve always wanted to do this…but I love the original covers SO MUCH that I’ve not really ever bothered to mess with the greatness(Shoutout to Ben Swantek!). Since ‘Trilogy’ dropped yesterday, I figured I may as well do these. If you haven’t went out and bought ‘Trilogy’ yet…do so this weekend…no pun intended!

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OFFICIAL: Cory Jreamz “Vague Current Vivid Fated” EP Cover

Continuing my working relationship with up and coming artist Cory Jreamz, DieboltDesigns is proud to present the official cover for ‘Vague Current Vivid Fated’. Be sure to cop this soon and support new music!

Check out the track ’18’ below!

Also; check out the official artwork for ‘No Castles in the Air’ and listen to the track here:

The Weeknd Trilogy Bonus Track Single Covers(+Extras)

TRILL OG NEXT WEEK! GO BUY IT! Extra covers below..



(11/7/12) Happy Thursday…Just something I had an idea for. Inspired By…


Soooo I deleted the old version of this from yesterday and I added the new version. This time you see the poster three times on top of one another. The colors come from the “Thursday” cover. The whole concept of Valerie the character really intrigues me. I tried to capture the emotion and still have the contrast between the darkness and perceived happiness as seen in the above video(Also seen in ‘The Zone’ video).