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OVO + XO Wallpapers


Just a couple things I did…it’s October so it’s OVO season. Drake’s birthday is tomorrow and there are rumors of a new single dropping titled “No New Friends”. Hmm we’ll see!

And The Weeknd is dropping Trilogy on November 13! Get hyped! I’ll be buying the physical copy. I’m very excited for that. SHOUT OUT TO ABEL.

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Shawn Carter for Brooklyn Poster


After posting my “Shawn Carter For America” Posters some requested a version with a black a white flag. I didn’t want to use a black and white flag and say ‘For America’ because some may find it disrespectful. Instead I did ‘Shawn Carter For Brooklyn’. He basically runs Brooklyn.

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Shawn Carter For America Poster


I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while. Jay-Z has actually mentioned the possibility of running for president in the future and I’d be VERY interested in seeing how that would go.

With all of the debating and arguing and opinions flying at anyone who disagrees with another…it’s important to remember that this is America. The greatest country in the world. No matter who the president is, America is still America. Be proud of your country.

Below are two alternative versions of my poster! Check ’em out and lemme know what you think!


A$AP Rocky “Fuckin Problem” Cover


Apparently A$AP, Drizzy, KDot and 2Chaiiiinz have a problem. A f**king problem. This song is so ill I had to make a cover for it. Period.

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“Still Spokane’s Most Wanted” Poster


Adam Morrison is one of the most different players to ever play in the NBA. He’s seen everything. He’s won rings, he’s played on bad teams, he’s played over seas, he’s been the top college player in the nation…the list goes on. Even though he hasn’t turned out to be the “second coming of Larry Bird” in the NBA, in a way Morrison is still a legend. Currently he is attempting to make the Portland Blazers squad. I have been a huge ‘Ammo’ fan since his days at Gonzaga, so I really am rooting for him to make the team. I’m still a major supporter. The NBA hasn’t been all that kind to Morrison but he’s a good guy who deserves another chance. He’s is STILL SPOKANE’S MOST WANTED.

This poster was completed partly by hand and the rest by Illustrator and Photoshop. Please do not steal, if you use this on your site please give credit. Poster like these take hours to complete. Thanx for taking a look!

Kanye West “White Dress” Cover


So we’ve only heard the snippet of this song, but it sounds like absolute fire. I can’t wait for the full version of this to drop. Hopefully it’s from Yeezy’s next solo project. I had to do a cover for this song because the idea popped into my head last night when I heard this for the first time. What do you guys think about what I did? I used roses in the background because they are a usually known symbol of love.

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Jay-Z “Live In Brooklyn” Cover


Hova is releasing a ‘Live in Brooklyn’ EP. I wanted to do a quick cover. Here ya go. Enjoy.

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