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Big Sean “Detroit” Cover #2

Soooo I’m super hyped for Big Sean’s mixtape. He put out another teaser video today with part of the song “How It Feel” and I’ve had that on repeat all night. This is my second cover for the tape that’s due out September 5th. Boiii. I like this one alot more than my first. What do you guys think?


Leave  a comment and let me know what you think! And, OH GAWD! Check out the teaser video I referenced above, below:


Big Sean “Detroit” Cover (Unofficial)

Big Sean very recently announced his new mixtape titled “Detroit”. I’m a fan of most everything Sean has dropped recently so I’m expecting BIG things out of this. And no this is not the official cover. I did email it to Sean’s manager but I didn’t get a response. I got lucky that Karen Civil actually saw my Wayne cover and showed it to him. Thanx again to her and everyone else for the feedback with that project.

Anyways with this cover I tried to represent the city with the Red Wings logo made into an original background and gave it a retro feel with the way I did the writing.

What do you think about this cover? Like it better than my D4 cover?


EXTRA- Black and White version

Lil Wayne “No Lie” (Dedication 4) Cover

Just a cover for the only song available NOW off “Dedication 4”, No Lie. Watch the video from DJ Scoob Doo below to find out why D4 drops THIS WEEK…and take a listen to No Lie!

I will be doing a cover in this same format for EVERY song off D4 as soon as the tape is released!

Lil Wayne “Dedication 4” Wallpaper


After becoming extremely lucky in the last few days with Weezy choosing my artwork, I decided to finish the body to my TRUKFIT Tune character as seen on the D4 cover. Use this wallpaper if you’re excited for the release of the mixtape next week!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

OFFICIAL: Lil Wayne “Dedication 4” Cover

Well everyone…it’s my birthday and this is the best present I could have even ever IMAGINED to receive. Last night I received an email response from Karen Civil saying that none other than my idol, Lil Wayne had seen my artwork and liked it alot and he was going to use my cover for the upcoming mixtape, Dedication 4! I almost fainted. Seriously, I’m still shaking…so excuse any improper english in this post! This is a dream come true. I cannot believe that dreams like this actually can come true. I constantly am working to even be noticed by Wayne or even anyone a quarter of his stature. This is huge for me personally.

I cannot thank Karen Civil enough for showing this cover to Mr. Carter. And I do have to thank @JackGambro(Twitter/RapItUpDesign on Lil Wayne HQ) for giving me the inspiration. He did a TRUKFIT inspired cover and I loved the idea and knew I had to draw a Lil Wayne version of Tommy, the TRUKFIT character. Below see a picture of the Lil Wayne TRUKFIT Character I created via the old school mediums…pencil, marker, and paper.

DREAMS DO COME TRUE. Young moooolllaaaa babbyyyyy.

A$AP Mob “Lord$ Never Worry” Cover

I’ve been wanting to do a cover in this style but before now, I didn’t have the right project to try it out for. Tonight I sat down and tried this style for the first time. I really love the way it turned out even though I have a long way to go to be even considered ‘good’ at this style. Regardless this is a good first step in my eyes. What do you think?

“Lord$ Never Worry” mixtape by A$AP Mob is due out August 28th!