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Cory Jreamz- “No Castles In The Air” Cover Art & Song

Cory Jreamz is an up and coming rapper and ‘No Castles In The Air’ is his new single. Just came out! Fortunately, I was able to do the official cover for this song. It’s a pleasure to work with a talented young artist like Cory. Look out for more DieboltDesigns-Cory Jreamz artwork collaborations in the near future!! Listen to the song below!!!



“SuperCam” Movie Poster


Whaaat! I can’t believe football season is almost here! One thing is for sure, Cammy Cam Newton and the Panthers are gonna put on a show this year. It will be a movie for sure. Because of that, I came up with a ‘SuperCam’ movie poster. After my Rick Ross cover I posted a few days ago, I’ve been exploring the vintage movie poster style alot. It’s pretty interesting and fun to play with. I’ll have some other cool stuff soon. What do you think about this ‘SuperCam’ poster??

Lil Wayne ft. Cory Gunz ‘Terrorist’ Cover


Earlier today on Twitter, @LilWayneHQ posted that Wayne has a song on I Am Not A Human Being II featuring Cory Gunz. When I saw that OllyCarterz posted a cover I knew I not only had to do a cover, but I knew what to do. This is obviously a military radar that I edited and inserted a ‘TERRORIST’ alert. The style matches my IANAHB2 cover I did a while back.

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Rick Ross “God Forgives, I Don’t” Cover


Inspired by old vintage movie posters, I have come up with a cover for Rick Ross’ new album. I’m quite proud of this cover. Never used this style really, but it worked out great in my opinion. I’m excited to continue developing this look.

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2Chainz ft. Kanye West “Birthday Song” Cover


2 CHAIIIINNNNZZZZ! Mr. Two Necklace is dropping his new single tonight on iTunes ft. Kanye West! It’s definitely another hit for the TRUest. Be sure to buy it tonight.

And on to my cover art. I think I executed this one very well. Modeled after a box of cake mix, I went with a vintage style. Let me know what you guys think of this and if you want more in this style!

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Justin Bieber ‘Maria’ Cover

Maria! Why you gotta do Bieber like that? That’s not his baby! You’re not his girl!

In my opinion, ‘Maria’ is the best song on Believe. I had to do a cover for it. Tried to make it look like it came from a tabloid or newspaper. And yes that is THE Maria on the cover…except her name is actually spelled Mariah. Tricky, Bieber. Tricky.

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A$AP Rocky Wallpaper

It’s the middle of summer. I’m sitting on the couch, laptop in front of me as usual. I don’t have anything going on but I’m reading my Twitter feed, as well as some other message boards and blogs. Today in particular I didn’t do a thing. There’s just nothing going on. So I started looking at some other peoples artwork around the web, and got inspired. I wanted to do a wallpaper since I hadn’t done one in a while…and it had to feature someone I haven’t flooded this blog with. A$AP Rocky was the perfect choice, and I just happened to have a picture of him saved in my ‘Random’ pictures folder.

I don’t even know what direction I was going with this piece. I just started walking and ended up at the peak I guess you could say. Something experimental and different. Hope you enjoy it.

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