Justin Bieber “Believe” Cover

“Lil Swaggy” is gonna drop this Believe album on June 19th. I’ve listened to the album quite a bit already…and honestly? It’s pretty damn good. If you think Bieber is just this teenage singer for little girls only who you’d never listen to….you’re being ignorant and missing out on some great music. Seriously open your mind up a bit.

My favorite tracks off the album are ‘Boyfriend'(swaggy), Right Here ft. Drake, Out Of Town Girl, and Maria. Maria is probably the best song on the album. He sounds like another Justin Timberlake…which is a great thing. Song is direct about that chick that tried to say he was her babies daddy. I forgot…As Long As You Me and Take You are 2 more great tracks….shoot the whole album. Go check it out when it drops!

The cover I did tries to show some maturity in Bieber, and uses more of a vintage style.



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