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A$AP Rocky ft. Lana Del Rey “Ridin” Cover

It must be A$AP x Lana day! Just a little bit ago, the full version of ‘Ridin’ by A$AP(Ft. Lana) dropped….and earlier the awesomely fantastic visual for Lana’s ‘National Anthem’ came out! I have a cover coming out for that song later too! Look out for that tonight and stay tuned!

What do you think of ‘Ridin’ and the cover art I did for it??


Frank Ocean ‘Channel Orange’ Cover #2

Since I posted my first Channel Orange cover I’ve had this idea for another cover. Pretty simple but I think it’s alot better than the official cover. I love the simplicity but it needs to be reworked. Not very well done. I think the cover I did above is simple but you get the idea of what the name of the album is with out it actually having the words ‘Channel Orange’.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Cruel Summer Cover

Cruel Summer, the G.O.O.D. Music compilation album is due out AUGUST 7th. I haven’t done a cover for it yet but I decided to throw one together tonight. I’ll probably end up doing another version or 2 between now and 8-7. This is what I do when it’s midnight and I have nothing else going on.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about da artwork!!

PS: Don’t take artwork off this website, edit it, and use it as your own. Especially if your a dubstep DJ who just put your name at the bottom. Share artwork and give props to the artist. Don’t steal. Thanx!

PHOTOS: Taste of Charlotte 2012

Went to the Taste of Charlotte in Uptown this year a couple weeks ago.

Justin Bieber “Believe” Cover

“Lil Swaggy” is gonna drop this Believe album on June 19th. I’ve listened to the album quite a bit already…and honestly? It’s pretty damn good. If you think Bieber is just this teenage singer for little girls only who you’d never listen to….you’re being ignorant and missing out on some great music. Seriously open your mind up a bit.

My favorite tracks off the album are ‘Boyfriend'(swaggy), Right Here ft. Drake, Out Of Town Girl, and Maria. Maria is probably the best song on the album. He sounds like another Justin Timberlake…which is a great thing. Song is direct about that chick that tried to say he was her babies daddy. I forgot…As Long As You Me and Take You are 2 more great tracks….shoot the whole album. Go check it out when it drops!

The cover I did tries to show some maturity in Bieber, and uses more of a vintage style.


Frank Ocean ‘Channel Orange’ Cover

Frankie just dropped his new single from this album today called ‘Pyramids’. It’s pretty good. You should go to your favorite music blog and listen to it. It’s worth it….and it’s 10 minutes long!

I had to go ahead and make a cover for this. The idea came to me instantly so I just quickly put this together.

Leave a comment and lemme know what you think!

Gunplay ft. Lil Wayne “Banana Clips” Cover

I’m just gonna say….”DONT FEED THE APES!”.

Are you ‘goin zoo everytime you come thru’?

Leave a comment and let me know if you go zoo…or if you’re on your ‘skate ish….brotha TRUKKKKFIT!’.