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Lil Wayne “I Am Not A Human Being 2” Cover (Nirvana Edition)

No secret that Mr. Carter is a huge Nirvana fan. A fw days ago, DJ Scoob Doo posted a picture on Twitter of inside’s Weezy’s house where he had a huge custom cover very similar to the one above(minus the LIL WAYNE logo and ‘I Am Not A Human Being II’ text). So of course I had to work some magic and do a cover. Someone else did one over on before me and it inspired me to make my own. Notice the extra tattoos added to the face(More than what was on original) and the tattoos on the body. I didn’t do arms because it would’ve been difficult to find pictures to match and quite time consuming.

ALSO….huge news! Wayne’s first single off ‘I Am Not A Human Being II” drops tomorrow! It could feature Big Sean….we’ll just have to wait and see! I’m pumped!



PHOTOS: Savannah in May

Savannah in early May.

PHOTOS: 2Chainz in Charlotte

One of the hottest rappers in the game made a speaking-appearance in Charlotte, NC on Saturday before performing at Drake’s “Club Paradise” Tour. Gratefully I was able to be there and meet him. I was unable to take a picture with him, but I was basically toe to toe with him and got some great shots anyway. Check them out above. 2Chainz was a real cool guy. I’m definitely more of a fan after meeting him myself.

EXTRA: 2Chainz said he recorded a song for Justin Bieber on Friday night.

Chief Keef & Tupac Unreleased Covers + DMX “The Weigh In” Cover

These aren’t anything mind blowing, but some of the guys over on had requests. I had to fill a few. I felt the urge. Practice makes perfect. Enjoy.

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‘Round 2’ OKC x LA Wallpaper

TONIGHT! The premiere of Los Angeles vs. Oklahoma City-Round 2 on TNT! Starring Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant, this film will not disappoint. Depending on how things go, this film could be anywhere from 4 to 7 parts! We’ll just have to wait and see! Tune in tonight!

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Blake Griffin “Watch Your Head” Nike Wallpaper

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. WATCH YOUR HEAD! Blake Griffin is coming down the lane and he’s about to dunk it all over you. Be scared. Kendrick Perkins thought it would be cool to challenge him earlier in the season…and lets just say the ‘EarthBlake’ was felt all the way across the globe.

In all seriousness I just wanted to mess around and create a Nike ad for this wallpaper. Blake Griffin is obviously a Nike sponsored player. What do you guys think about this one? Should Nike hire me? I think they should hit me up.

“Oh me, oh my”

Meek Mill “Dreamchasers 2” Mixtape Cover

I have alot going on so I can’t elaborate too much on this post but I hope you guys like the cover. Go check out the mixtape itself via Some of the stuff is really good….”Amen” ft. Drake and “Burn” ft. Big Sean came out a few days ago and are probably my favorites on the tape. Overall the whole thing is pretty good. Definitely worth a listen and download. If you do download, be sure to use my cover!

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