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Curren$y ‘The Stoned Immaculate’ Cover Art Contest Entry

Okay guys, I’m gonna need YOUR help. Curren$y is holding a contest for the best alternate official cover artwork. Starting on April 23rd you can vote for my cover in the contest. I’m super excited about this because I feel like I could possibly have a shot at this. You don’t know how honored I would be to win something like this.

My cover description on the contest site:

Curren$y can see through the tragedy and comedy. He is pure. He is free from sin and corruption. He is “The Stoned Immaculate”.

For now you can ‘Support’ me and you will receive a notification to vote when the time comes!



Wiz Khalifa “Work Hard, Play Hard” Cover

Wiz just dropped his new single off his 2nd studio album “O.N.I.F.C”. The song is called ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ and it sounds pretty dope. Much better than anything off ‘Taylor Allderdice.

As for the cover, the official one was LAME. I had to get a cover done real quick. In the song Wiz says “Where I come from the only thing we know is…WORK HARD PLAY HARD”. It was only appropriate to use Pittsburgh as the backdrop for this one.

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“I Don’t Like” Remix Cover

Kanye tweeted.


Don’t think this will be on the G.O.O.D. album like Mercy, but it should be pretty GOOD anyways.

As for the cover I made, I’m just sticking with my play on the official cover. I did one for Mercy too so you should go check that one out if you haven’t already!

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Riz ft. Drake “Waiting Up” Cover

This song just came out today and Drake’s verse is pretty cool. Had to do a cover for it because @LitoStarr on Twitter requested it.

I recommend just downloading a Drake only version of this song if you want to hear it. Riz is just….whatever. I don’t even know who he is. Supposedly Drake isn’t happy that Riz is using this verse…I don’t know what the story is exactly. Whatever the issue is, Drake should just send his goons and “catch some bodies”. End of discussion.

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Kanye West “Theraflu” Cover | Kris Humphries Version

This was definitely necessary. Kanye said he should’ve had Jay-Z cut Mr. Humphries from the team. Poor Kris. I actually like him, but this cover had to be done.

Be sure to see my real ‘Theraflu’ cover below this post!

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Kanye West ‘Theraflu’ Cover

Are you sick? Coughing? Sneezing? Dr. Kanye West will fix you up. He has that special medicine called “Theraflu”. Mix that with some G.O.O.D. music and you have a cure for all your problems.

Eye’s hurt from all the bad covers out there? Headaches? Dr. DieboltDesigns has some cover art for you. This will cure you of any issues if you put it on your iPod and stare at it while you listen to some of Dr. West’s remedy.

Enjoy and feel better.

Call 1-800-GOOD if you have any questions.

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“Mercy” ft. Big Sean, Kanye West, 2Chainz, Pusha T Cover Art

Now we have the real name and release date for the first G.O.O.D. music single. Instead of ‘Lamborghini, Murci’ like I did a cover for, it’s just ‘Mercy’. And of course because this Friday is Good friday, it’s appropriate that a G.O.O.D. song drops. Can’t wait.

What do you guys think about the cover I made? I stuck with the same style as the official cover on

Leave a comment and be on the lookout for my next post…A Khaled x ‘Ye song just dropped. Gotta do a cover for that.