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Kevin Durant x Lil Wayne All Star Weekend Sig

NBA All Star Weekend just ended yesterday with a great game. Kevin Durant won MVP and Lil Wayne along with other YMCMB friends were sitting court side. I loved this one picture from the game and had to do something creative with it. I stuck with the All Star theme as far as color’s, shapes and overall style go.

What do you guys think about this one?


DieboltClothing 2012(Part 1)Preview

I’m getting ready to put out some new stuff from DieboltClothing very soon! I can’t wait to get this going again….be sure to follow @dieboltclothing on Twitter and if you’re on Tumblr!

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Jeremy Lin Wallpaper

He’s an Asian American who is also a  Harvard graduate. He was cut by the Warriors on Christmas day. Now he’s the New York Knicks starting point guard who has taken the team to a 5-0 record since he started playing. The ‘Linsanity’ has taken the sports world by storm and he’s the biggest story at the moment. It’s been quite an amazing week for this guy and I love to see it. Jeremy seems like a great guy who’s worked hard and finally has seen the results he has always wanted since he was given a chance.

Just enjoy the wallpaper…I tried to go for a MSG Network type look with the text and coloring.

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M.I.A.- Bad Girls Cover


Well I gotta be honest, the reason I did this cover is because the official one is god awful. I can’t believe something like that was actually used…especially after how cool the music video was for this song(I’ll add that at the end of this post).

M.I.A. normally has some really weird and crazy artistic covers, so if you’re doing a cover for one of her songs you gotta go all out funky. You might break some of those old design rules that have to do with colors, contrast, etc…but you really don’t have a choice if you want your artwork to look like it’s an official M.I.A. cover.

Personally I’m glad M.I.A. is putting out some new stuff again. Her style is dope and her music is as well. Bad Girls is a cool song, check out the awesome video for it below:

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Nicki Minaj- Marilyn Monroe Cover


So this song titled “Marilyn Monroe” from Nicki Minaj leaked today and it is likely from her upcoming album Pink Friday:Roman’s Reloaded (Due out on April 3rd). I had to do a cover for it because it sounds like a future radio hit. It’s not too bad…she’s singing. But it’s seriously not bad at all.

The cover is made to look old and I used a picture of Nicki posing as Marilyn for an XXL photo shoot.

It’s Nicki Minaj, I had to use pink.

Listen to the song on Rapdose:

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