Kanye West- The Black American Psycho Cover

So Kanye’s 6th studio album is rumored to be titled “The Black American Psycho”. I’ve been intrigued by this title for a few weeks now so I decided to come up with a cover. After searching Google Images for stuff from the movie ‘American Psycho’, one image really stuck out to me. It had a man who I assume was the main character of the film(I haven’t seen the movie) who was laughing or screaming with blood splattered on his face. I wanted to recreate this, but with Kanye’s face. I decided to add some scratches to the cover as well because of the crazy lines which obviously can symbolizes ‘craziness’, for a lack of a better word.

What do you guys think about this one? Do you think it looks like something Yeezy would use? I tried to make it that way. Kanye’s style is unlike any other rapper, so his cover styles can’t be anything like your average rapper’s cover style. Just let me know what you think! Leave a comment!


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