These 4 guys in this sig are YMCMB. Birdman(far left) and his brother Slim(far right) started Cash Money records years ago when they were making a name for themselves in New Orleans. They discovered Lil Wayne who ended up obviously becoming one of the best rappers of all time. He started Young Money and let his good friend Mack Maine(middle-left) become President of YM. This picture was taken by Derick G at the annual YMCMB Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway. Really cool to see all 4 guys together in a picture at an event while they give back to the community they came from.

I feel like my artwork looks good in this sig. Deep colors created nice shadowing and lighting. I tried going for an old family picture feel so that explains the grainy/grungy effect. What do you guys think about this one? Success? 5 stars like Birdman’s head tattoos?


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