Lil Wayne(Unofficial) Rebirth II Cover

So this album has only been mentioned as “in the works” along with I Am Not A Human Being II, but at least for me Rebirth II is already a highly anticipated album. With the right production Wayne could make a really good rock album in my opinion. I feel like this should be his next project to be released because I think his mind is more in the rock mode right now. Producer Detail said he has been studying the sound of Nirvana as well as Pink Floyd for direction on this album. Those are two greats choices because the punk rock-ish stuff is what Wayne will and does fit in really well with.
As for the cover, Im really feeling this one. I dont mean to toot my own horn but this is the type of artwork I feel like Wayne should be using for his music. The pictures used are from his recent Vibe Magazine photoshoot. What does everyone think about the cover art?

ALSO: Thanks for breaking the record set yesterday by you for the most daily hits here on! That’s 2 straight days of setting the bar at a new level! Lets make this a daily event…the reason this Rebirth II cover was posted is because of you! Thanks for the views!


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