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NBA Lockout Collage

So I’ve seen alot of really weird but awesome artwork coming from @AliciaFranc lately(Check out her stuff by clicking the ad in the right sidebar!) and I decided to mess around with the style. I definitely have some other cool stuff in the plans for this collage style. The thing about these collages, well at least in my stuff, there is/will be alot of symbolism. I’m not going to explain this piece based on the NBA Lockout…you can make your own ideas and assumptions on what I was thinking. I’ll admit this piece is really nothing too special, but I can do alot better easily…as I said I already have better ideas. My vintage style and raw creativity that can be shown with this stuff should churn out some cool stuff. Just stay tuned.

Comment and let me know what you think!


OVOXO Wallpaper 2.0

So I get requests for OVOXO stuff all the time….I gotta come through for you guys, right? I feel obligated to put out at least 1 of these a month just because everyone likes them so much!

This one is 1366×768 pixels as requested by @Kidd_HiDef on Twitter. After the jump you can snag the 1280×800 version if you prefer to use that one!

SHOUTOUT: To Karla “HustleGRL” Moy, who created and ran the Drake fansite AllThingsFresh, which is now shutting down. Karla says she is on the verge of beginning a new chapter in her life and it was simply time to move on. Thanks for what you have done to support Drake and keep the fans informed about everything he has done over the years Karla!



These 4 guys in this sig are YMCMB. Birdman(far left) and his brother Slim(far right) started Cash Money records years ago when they were making a name for themselves in New Orleans. They discovered Lil Wayne who ended up obviously becoming one of the best rappers of all time. He started Young Money and let his good friend Mack Maine(middle-left) become President of YM. This picture was taken by Derick G at the annual YMCMB Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway. Really cool to see all 4 guys together in a picture at an event while they give back to the community they came from.

I feel like my artwork looks good in this sig. Deep colors created nice shadowing and lighting. I tried going for an old family picture feel so that explains the grainy/grungy effect. What do you guys think about this one? Success? 5 stars like Birdman’s head tattoos?

Kid Cudi “WZRD” Unofficial Cover

So Kid Cudi has turned into a full blown rocker. He seems to have left the rap stuff in the past. He has this new album dropping in 2012 with ‘Dot Da Genius’…those 2 together have formed a band called ‘WZRD’. I saw some demands for a WZRD cover so of course, DieboltDesigns is on it. Turned out well…what does everyone think about it?

ALSO: Cudi dropped a song from this project called “Brake” yesterday. Personally, I feel like it’s a boring track. I think Cudi can do better. The song is honestly just lame to me…too generic, lots of empty time with humming and guitar strumming. Again the song is just boring in my opinion. What does everyone think about the song?

The Weeknd Wallpaper

I had to re-download The Weeknd’s first album “House of Balloons” today because my computer thought it was cool to delete some music. Oh well…made me listen to the first time in a few weeks and make a dope wallpaper. It’s pretty much a fantastic album. If you have never heard of or listen to The Weeknd, start now. Download ‘House of Balloons’ and ‘Thursday’ for free! He’s featured on Drake’s new album “Take Care” which drops tomorrow in America! Go buy it!
Leave a comment and let me know about my artwork!

Lil Wayne(Unofficial) Rebirth II Cover

So this album has only been mentioned as “in the works” along with I Am Not A Human Being II, but at least for me Rebirth II is already a highly anticipated album. With the right production Wayne could make a really good rock album in my opinion. I feel like this should be his next project to be released because I think his mind is more in the rock mode right now. Producer Detail said he has been studying the sound of Nirvana as well as Pink Floyd for direction on this album. Those are two greats choices because the punk rock-ish stuff is what Wayne will and does fit in really well with.
As for the cover, Im really feeling this one. I dont mean to toot my own horn but this is the type of artwork I feel like Wayne should be using for his music. The pictures used are from his recent Vibe Magazine photoshoot. What does everyone think about the cover art?

ALSO: Thanks for breaking the record set yesterday by you for the most daily hits here on! That’s 2 straight days of setting the bar at a new level! Lets make this a daily event…the reason this Rebirth II cover was posted is because of you! Thanks for the views!

Charlotte NC x DieboltDesigns Wallpaper

If you didn’t already know DieboltDesigns is from Charlotte, NC. With all of these artists making there cities famous, why can’t DD make the Queen City popular? Notice the crown logo all over the site and this piece…that’s the DieboltDesigns ‘d’ logo molded, cut and formed into a whole new logo based on the official logo for the city. You’ll see more of that logo as time goes on. By the way it looks awesome on a shirt or hoodie! Go check DieboltDesignsClothing for that!