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David Beckham Wallpaper

Just messed around today and came up with a new wallpaper. I did David Beckham because I’ve been wearing my LA Galaxy hoodie lately and I realized I haven’t posted alot of soccer stuff before. This is a nice start.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!



I made this a few weeks ago when I found the picture…I’m posting it now because I saw AllThingsFresh post the original picture on Tumblr. It reminded me that I messed around with it a while back. Enjoy. Take Care.

Kanye West Sig

This is just something to put out there…people were saying they haven’t seen a ‘sig’ from me in a while.

Is this ish cray?

Drake- Make Me Proud(Unofficial) Cover

BOOOMMMM! Thanks to Funkmaster Flex…we just got Drake’s new single titled “Make Me Proud”! And it features Nicki Minaj! And thanks to DieboltDesigns, you have a cover to go with that song!
“Im so, Im so, Im so, Im so, Im so proud of you”

Hit the jump to see an extra version 2 for getting the cover off my site rather than Tumblr, etc! DD Exclusive!!


Michael Jordan Wallpaper

This is easily one of my all time favorite pieces that I have done. I kept a vintage feel to it and it worked out well in my opinion.
It’s a few hours early…but I did this because NBA 2K12 drops tomorrow and MJ(along with Magic and Bird) are featured on the covers! Make sure you go buy that game tomorrow! It is the best sports game ever made if you are into that! Happy 2K Day!
What do you guys think about this one? Will you buy NBA 2K12 on Tuesday?

Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. Wallpaper

You may have seen my earlier post today…it included a preview of what this would look like. I love the photo I used…something different and it was easy to be creative with.

What do you guys think of this “hippie-ish” Mr. Carter wallpaper?

Pieces that helped me win Graphics Tourny + Extra

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Thanks to everyone who voted for me to win the Graphics Tournament! I appreciate it! You can view all of the pieces above in the slideshow!

*The photo used in every piece was assigned to the contestants each round, so everyone had to use the same photo.


Because I won, I decided to do an extra Wayne sig. This one turned out really well in my opinion. The photo is from Wayne’s Vibe Magazine Photoshoot.