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Charlotte’s Crown…taken over by DieboltDesigns!

Charlotte, NC’s logo is a crown because CLT is known as the “Queen City”. Since Im from the QC…I decided to take over my city’s logo!

Go here to buy the official DD QC crown shirt for only $20!-

What do you guys think? Anybody reading this that I don’t know from Charlotte?


My Final Drake Take Care Cover

So this is my final Take Care cover(I think…haha). I decided to use the basic set up of my most popular cover and combine it with aspects of all my other covers, as well as the official cover. What do you guys think about this one? Personally, it’s my favorite.

Mac Miller- Smile Back Unofficial Cover

New Mac Miller single from his debut album “Blue Slide Park” drops tonight IS OUT NOW! And of course…DieboltDesigns has a cover for you before the song! How do you like it?

B.o.B. ft Lil Wayne “Strange Clouds” unofficial cover

This cover has been sitting in one of my PS folders for about a month now, half done. I started it the night the video of this song being performed at one of B.o.B.’s concerts surfaced on the web. So today when I found out the song will drop officially in about a week I knew I had to finish it.

What do you guys think? B.o.B… can use this cover officially! 😀

Peyton Hills Poster

Just finished this one up! Never done a poster this big or in this style before. Turned out pretty well so I will probably do more stuff like this in the future.

Peyton Hillis is a star running back for the Cleveland Browns in the NFL. I’ve always called him the “Great White Buffalo” because he’s a rare bread and he’s massive!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Tim Tebow Wallpaper

John Fox…Start Tebow dang it! What do you guys think of this wallpaper?

Kemba Walker- Running Charlotte Wallpaper

With somewhat depressing news about the NBA Labor talks today, I decided to whip up a new wallpaper for all of my fellow Bobcats fans out there. This time it features Kemba Walker. Between him and the other Charlotte Under Armour athlete Cam Newton, I think we will have alot of attention on Charlotte sports in the next 10+ years.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!