Lil Wayne- President Carter Unofficial Cover

Lil Wayne has an awesome song on his album Tha Carter IV called President Carter. The album drops on Monday so be sure to buy it in stores or on iTunes!

This is one of the great verse’s from the song-

Gorillas in suits,
The holy war, the spiritual troops,
Fighting over the mythical truth,
Drowning in the political soup,
They shoot, missiles and nukes,
Taking out such a pivotal group,
The body count is the physical proof,
And they thought drugs were killing the youth…

That’s crazy awesome stuff right there from the best rapper alive. I felt it was only necessary to make an awesome cover for the song. I remade the Presidential Seal and I think it looks fantastic. This is one of my favorite pieces I think I have ever done. Wayne is being serious about some stuff in the song…so a cover with really bright colors wouldnt be too appropriate. I kept the colors a bit washed out and still made it look ‘official’.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!



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