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Watch The Throne Wallpaper

Kanye West and Jay-Z are trying to “Watch The Throne” of hip hop with the new album dropping at the beginning of August! 2 singles are out now called “Otis” and “HAM”. Go check those out!

About the wallpaper…I originally was trying to accomplish gold text similar to the official album cover art but it was not going to look good. I went with a different look and the piece turned out pretty well! Be sure to use this wallpaper on your computer to celebrate the release of WTT!

EXTRA THOUGHT- Im not that excited about the album to be totally honest, but Im always excited for new music from Yeezy and Hova. Hopefully this album will at least give me something new to listen to until Lil Wayne drops Tha Carter IV on August 29!


Cam Newton-Creator of Touchdowns(Tyler The Creator Remake)


Football is back and the Panthers are making big moves already. So I decided to redo Tyler the Creator’s album cover with Cam Newton. This is just something fun for my fellow Panther fans out there! Enjoy!

ALSO- Check out the real cover after the jump to see how close I got to the real thing. Notice any fun changes?

ALSO2- The picture appears grainy because that is the effect used on the actual cover.


Lil Wayne Carter IV Wallpaper

I found the original picture on via…looked like a great stock for a wallpaper. It turned out working really well and the wallpaper looks good. Enjoy!


Tom Brady Poster

The lockout could end this Thursday! Because of that I threw together a poster of none other than Tom Brady, one of the greatest to ever play the game. The title of this piece? “BEAST”. There’s no other way to describe his game.

The poster looks very good in my opinion. It’s a different style than what I normally do but it looks like I do this style all the time! It has elements of a collage as well.

Want me to do another poster of an NFL player? Comment and let me know!

Sorry 4 The Wait Wallpaper

Lil Wayne has just released his new mixtape Sorry 4 The Wait and it is creating some major buzz around the web! A few days ago I posted my unofficial Sorry 4 The Wait cover and it was generally well received. So I decided to make a desktop wallpaper influenced by not only my unofficial cover, but also the official cover! I hope every one enjoys it!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Lil Wayne “Sorry 4 The Wait” Unofficial Mixtape Cover

Tunechi’s Back! Lil Wayne just released a new song off his upcoming mixtape, Sorry 4 The Wait, tonight and the internet is blowing up over it! It was also announced that the whole mixtape will be released next Wednesday(July 13th)! I thought it was an appropriate time to release a Sorry 4 The Wait mixtape cover by DieboltDesigns…Hey YMCMB; If your reading this, you can use this as the official cover if you would like! 😉

EDIT(7/14)- The mixtape was officially released yesterday, as well as my wallpaper for the mixtape. I decided to throw together a new version of my mixtape cover to match the wallpaper and the official cover a little better.Enjoy!

*The title “Sorry 4 The Wait” relates to his upcoming major album Tha Carter 4 because it was pushed back several times.

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